Power & Electrification

Objective: To build competence, methods and tools within electricity grids to achieve competitive advantage and leadership position.

Super grids and Smart grids

Power and electrification

The Electrification program will focus on power grids: Super grids and Smart grids

The two grid themes and the storage theme provide answers to the question on how to integrate large quantities of renewable resources – taking into account their stochastic nature - into the energy system in a reliable and effective manner.

Super grids allow bulk transmission of electrical energy over longer distances, improved power flow steering and fast reactive power control.

Smart grids offer more local solutions to balance supply and demand and include aspects such as the integration of distributed generation, the enabling of active consumers, implementation of advanced sensors & ICT infrastructure as well as allow for new market entrants, such as aggregators and ESCO’s.

European super grid
European super grids