Sensor Technology Development and Assessment

Grid system

The market is moving quickly in the direction of utilising advanced sensor technology in combination with wireless systems for real time monitoring of a range of different operational parameters, e.g. temperature, stress/strain, fatique, corrosion, water content or other chemical compounds, of complex systems like onshore and offshore installations, subsea installations, refinereis, ships, wind mills, etc. 

The key objective for this drive is to obtain more reliable data taking into account real time process variations and to reduce the number of people working at the various sites (e.g. hazardous workplaces). 

DNV GL may assist the respective companies in selecting the most appropriate sensor technologies, wirless systems and further aiding to map where these sensors should be located and to perform a techology qualification analysis for newly developped solutions. DNV GL may during service help in assessing the information from these sensors and to determine when e.g. maintenance would be required. 

DNV GL Research & Innovation recently started activities in the area of Sensor and Sensor Technology in order to evaluate and test available solutions on the market as well as collaboration with universities and other partners for further development of sensor techology.