US hospital certification

The US healthcare system, like many throughout the world, is under increasing pressure from an aging population, high levels of chronic disease, a shortage in primary care givers and limited funding.

To help US hospitals and clinics meet these long-term challenges, DNV GL Healthcare in the US is providing a unique accreditation program - approved by the US government - that helps improve standards and inspire staff so they can cope with the demands put upon them.

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All other accreditation programs in the US occur once every three years. However, DNV GL surveyors collaborate with their client hospitals to conduct annual surveys in order to enable sustained quality improvements. We take an educational, cooperative approach and this is resulting in a culture change that can create real solutions – such as more preventative care.

The DNV GL hospital accreditation programme is the only program of its kind in the US that incorporates compliance with the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality system.

DNV GL-accredited hospitals are discovering that accreditation does not have to be a fear-inducing inspection, it can be an engine for the continuous quality improvement required to meet the challenges they face.

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Today, nearly 10 per cent of the eligible hospitals in the US have opted to join DNV GL’s accreditation, and we have client hospitals in nearly every state in the US.

We are helping make healthcare safer and smarter, and initiatives such as the Healthy Hospitals Initiative are also helping make them greener.

Although the challenges facing the US healthcare system, like many across the world, are enormous, we are confident that expertise and innovation can cure the problems.