Germany has ambitious goals to transition to renewable energy. A key contribution is the converter platforms currently being installed by TenneT as part of a large grid offshore wind park.

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TenneT is the national electricity transmission system operator of the Netherlands, operating in Northwest Europe supplying electricity to 36 million end users. The company instals three converter platforms 160 km off the German coast at water depths up to 30–40 metres. The platforms, Dolwin Alpha, Dolwin Beta and Sylwin Alpha, will be connected to an ever expanding wind turbine farm producing green energy.

Demonstrating value and high standard

DNV GL has been involved in the project in three ways:

  • During different stages of the project to perform surveys of design, manufacturing, construction and installation of the converter platforms.
  • Verifying the environmental design including leakage containment, waste management and water and air emissions.
  • The platforms are verified to the highest standard to uphold the safest possible working environment offshore.

Transfer of technologies and competencies
From oil and gas to renewables

With the DNV GL wind turbine transformer platform certification the client will be able to receive a German regulatory body approval and a permit to install the platform offshore and start the operation. This significantly improves the safety and operation of the installation.
This project illustrates how DNV GL’s extensive offshore oil and gas safety experience proves to be transferable into these new and innovative platforms to make them safer and more robust – such technology transfers will help to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future.