A global assurance provider for Life Sciences

DNV GL has made the decision to develop significant assurance roles in selected branches of Life Sciences. More specifically to help organizations preserve health and provide food – two of the most fundamental human needs.

Field and genomics

The world population is growing and life expectancy is increasing. Combined, this will put significant pressure on our food supply and healthcare systems. 

On the positive note, we see a rapid advancement in technology and big data developments. But there are challenges related to quality, safety and integrity that must to be addressed. The involvement of independent assurance providers will be increasingly important. 

We have a long track record of helping companies manage risk, working with hospitals around the world to ensure patient centred quality care and helping the Food & Beverage industry ensuring a safe and sustainable supply chain.

Explore the sections below to see what we offer and how we will further expand on our assurance role in the future.

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